Hello! I am Antonia (Tonia) and I have finished undertaking my M.Sc at the University of Salford in Digital Media and Audio Production (1st with Distinction). I have worked on several films and gained valuable insight on the workflow and industry. I am enthusiastic, creative and love Audio Post Production, Sound design and editing audio.  Bachelor (1st with honours degree) at the School of Sound Recording (SSR) in Manchester and Bolton University in Audio Engineering and Design.

Eager to learn, genuine interest in audio Post Production.



“Hi Tonia,

We just wanted that in our 10+ years together as a band we have been in quite a few recording studios but have never felt as welcomed as we did working with you, Jeffers and Shaz. Thank you for your professionalism and willingness to have a laugh with us when appropriate, making the whole weekend a much more motivating time to record. You all clearly know your technical stuff inside out (not always the case in some studios!!) and fit together well as a team and I was amazed we got a whole extra track recorded because of this! Needless to say, when we are looking to record our next set of tracks we will be contacting you first as we are more than pleased with the outcome. Our best work to date.

Thanks again!”

Persistence :   Stu, Braggy and Matt   /  persistencebanduk@gmail.com


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