Presentation In Emerging Technologies

Link to my work and Online presence During the past two months we were instructed to elaborate and increase our online presence in Emerging Technologies module. Most of the work I did was related to expanding my professional profile and gain friends-followers-visitors from my chosen industry. Strategies: I promote myself as much as I can,… Continue reading Presentation In Emerging Technologies


Dark Horse Vs Burn For the second artefact I have combined two songs and merge then in to one. This created a new song by using their music and lyrics. I consulted Youtube‘s Most Popular Pop Videos for the choice since I am targeting for the spreadability of the music artefact. Many very well known songs… Continue reading THE SECOND ARTEFACT

Its all about the spread project

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SPEAD So, Spreadable Media. I read those words and I instantly think about every possible network I know that contains a share button. And frankly that’s what it is in a nutshell. A media with the ability to spread. A media that is able to attract traffic. It can be a… Continue reading Its all about the spread project